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Teach the Word of God


Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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Meeting time/place varies. 

For Bel Air, Maryland 

    Text WITHIN to 84576 

For Zephyrhills, Florida 

   Text WHEN to 84576 

Our Mission

Teach:  Make disciples by studying the word of God and how it should impact our lives. 

Preach:  Proclaim the Good News about Christ Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection. 

Reach:  Love others by caring for their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. 

Next Meetup
Our Mission

About Us

The Church Within breaks the norms of traditional church without sacrificing biblical doctrine and sound teaching. 


We looked at Jesus’ ministry as exemplified in Matthew 4:23 where Jesus is found teaching, preaching, and reaching the people.


No paid staff, large building, tons of programs, or big budget.  We simply meet at various locations like conference rooms, outdoor parks, houses, or restaurants to have church. 


Our teachers are held to a high standard to expound on scripture in a way that helps people understand how the Bible applies to our lives today. 


We worship together as a family, so kids of all ages (yes, even babies) are more than welcome to join us. 


Dress is come as you are. We’d love for you to visit!  Since we meet at different places, we notify everyone the day before with the location and time. 


Want to be notified?


For Bel Air, MD - text WITHIN to 84576

For Zephyrhills, FL - text WHEN to 84576 

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